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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Small Miracles

So, we just got back from a three+ week vacation and are trying to get back into some semblance of normality. Sleep schedules are still a bit off (including for Cindy Lou, who has started thinking it acceptable to wake up at 3 am screaming--wish me luck as I try to disabuse her of that notion), and the lawn hasn't been thoroughly de-jungled yet, but at least the house has aired out and the cleaners came today to sweep away the cobwebs. Not caught up with laundry yet, either, but then, when am I ever?

So, at about 11 this morning, I was mostly ready for the cleaners to come, Cindy Lou was napping and the Wizard had had a snack (Newton was, as usual, entertaining himself elsewhere in the house), so I decided to seize the moment and hop in the shower. When I emerged after completing my toilette, the Wizard was sitting on the toilet reading Alphabet Mystery, having removed his pajamas and diaper by himself, and having already finished his business. Wow! I think the example set by his three-year-old boy cousins (both toilet trained) at our recent family reunion has sunk in! I've been saying that pee training would begin after our vacation, and now we're back, so I guess I'd better get started! Eek.

Here he is on the couch this evening as I was going downstairs to start dinner.

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