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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cross-Country Epic Journey

Well, not really. If we'd chosen to drive to Maryland, instead of flying there after driving to Utah, that would have really been epic. We'll probably end up doing that some time in the next 10 years or so. We were gone for just over three weeks, bracketing 10 days in Maryland with 4 and 6 days in Utah on the ends. I took an obscene number of photos of Cindy Lou and her boy cousins, and not nearly enough photos of the fun things the kids did in Maryland. The kids managed to see all of their great-grandparents, but I failed to take a picture of them with my grandmother, whom we'll call Grandma Battleaxe Emeritus (she's not scary any more, but she sure used to be). Or maybe I should call her Formidable Grandmother, as she was dubbed by the family of an ex-boyfriend of mine.

I'll post the pictures in three separate posts for the three parts of our journey. If you live in either of these places and we didn't see you, please forgive us--we'll try to do better next time!



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