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Monday, June 9, 2008


The Wizard is changing so rapidly these days I'm having a hard time keeping up in my blog postings. I took the first video a couple of weeks ago, and the second one this morning. He's read Green Eggs and Ham so many times in the last three weeks that he's now skipping ahead to his favorite parts! Such a new reader, and already blasé. We're also shaking our heads at how different he is from his older brother. He makes up stories and songs, does make-believe play with toys, and most of all asks, "Why?" ALL THE TIME. What's more, he usually listens to and seems to understand our explanations! Newton rarely said that word, I suspect because he thought he already had it all figured out. Ha!

Recent Wizard tidbits:

With (some) warmer weather recently, I have occasionally opened the car windows for a fresh breeze, always with the reminder that I'll be closing them as we get on the highway. Saturday we were coming home on the freeway from a barbecue, and traffic was stopped because of an accident. The Wizard had three questions (not right in a row--he did wait for answers in between): "Why we stopped?" "We not going fast?" "Please open the windows?"

In church yesterday, he started talking, and when we asked him to be quiet, observed, "[Cindy Lou]'s not sleeping." We quietly explained that there are other times and places in which it is preferable to speak quietly or not at all. Ah, the beauty of budding logic!

He's also started throwing words into conversation like "fantastic," "amazing," and "actually," used more or less correctly. He also uses the word "dummy" as an adjective--love that toddler sense of humor. Right now he's dancing around the family room singing the "'C'amation point song," with lyrics consisting only of the words, "'C'amation point, 'c'amation point, 'c'amation point," etc.

Cindy Lou's changing even faster. Her top front teeth broke through over the weekend. She can clap her hands. She can sit up by herself. She rolls very efficiently to get to the things she wants, and is just starting forward motion.

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Blogger Adriana Velez said...

Awesome, I love the "why" questions -- they really make you see the world a different way. That's great that the wizard is so curious.

June 10, 2008 at 7:55 PM  

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