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Saturday, June 21, 2008


Many of the Wizard's darling mispronunciations are becoming a thing of the past. The other day he said "shabbitch," then worked his way through a bunch of stops and starts before settling on "samwich." "Come-pick-you" long ago evolved into "come-puker," and it's been a similarly long while since I've heard "moozhee."

We are reminded almost every day how different his personality is from his brother's. The other day at my sister's, running through the sprinkler in the yard, it took about one minute for the Wizard to be soaked from head to toe. Newton at that age I'm not sure would have ever gotten much wet at all. (See cute pictures she took of the kids that day here.)

Now we're in Baltimore visiting more family. Last night after we arrived, the Wizard was swept up in his grandmother's arms. I had been downstairs checking out Grandpa & Grandpa's new huge TV, and when I came back up, the Wizard said, "Grandma, this is my mommy." That kind of social impulse just doesn't seem to exist in his brother. Introducing people! And he's not yet three!

And speaking of strange things to be doing at his age, just now he selected a book to read off Grandpa's bookshelf: My Life by Bill Clinton. The funniest thing was that he opened it up and actually started trying to read it! He didn't last long with that small print, though--now he's back to The Cat in the Hat.

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