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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I promised Sarah I'd post the link for finding u-pick farms in Oregon. Unfortunately they seem to be in the process of revamping their websites, and a quick look didn't reveal any of the information I used to depend on them for. The info used to be at the Agri-Business Council of Oregon website; it looks like they will be moving the info to a sister website, but the transfer is not complete. The old website used to have lists of farms and what they grew, including phone numbers. Hopefully they'll get this information back up in a useful format and soon, as berry season is hard upon us.

On another note, apparently run-of-the-mill Mormons (at least those with Internet access) would welcome a more unvarnished presentation of church history from official sources, according to an article published Sunday in the Deseret News. Hear hear. And this is completely irrelevant to the point of the article, but I used to sing in a choir with Rebecca Olpin, who is quoted at length in the article. Didn't know she is now working in the COB.

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