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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I've Got Balls

I had all sorts of grand plans for Easter candy this year, including trips to the houses of Leonidas, teuscher, and possibly Bernard C., but scheduling difficulties resulted in one quick trip to Cost Plus World Market on Saturday afternoon for both small toys and chocolates. You see, I knew that CPWM has the best local selection of the large bags of Lindor Truffles. Did you know that Lindt now makes a Lindor ball with 60% cocoa? They come in black wrappers, and they're just simply divine. I also purchased the standard blue-wrapped dark chocolate balls, plus mint (green), hazelnut (brown) and peanut butter (orangey-brown). No, no red (milk chocolate) or gold (white "chocolate") balls were purchased, though I admit I did purchase some for a big dinner party in January, because they matched the decor. And never ever will the raspberry (pink) or orange (orange) balls cross my doorstep, because fruit with chocolate is an abomination. But look--how handy. Now I don't even need to get my Hugh Jass out from in front of the computer.

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